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Tooling and Maintenance Business Unit was founded in 1938.

Those days our production of tooling and tools was dedicated only for WSK production needs.


Milestone for the company and business unit was year 2002, when we became part of American United Technologies Corporation (UTC).


Tooling and Maintenance Business Unit is one of business units, which belongs to ratt & Whitney Rzeszow. Our production mainly concentrate on aviation industry.


World Class Tooling Shop performs tooling and special tools for two sectors: aviation and automotive.


Maintenance Services, apart from guaranteeing the efficiency of the machinery of the internal customer, which is the Patt & Whitney Rzeszow, also offers its services to external customers both in Poland and abroad.


The variety of our machinery gives us the ability to perform a wide range of products.

There is also a challenge when it comes to minimizing the breakdowns rate of machines according to the principle: more activity of prevention leads to less failure and production downtime.


Synergy Tooling and Maintenance Business Unit, which took place in 2011, decided about our competitive advantage and provides customer support in two most critical areas of production, particularly important  at the  time when many companies are growing and try to win new markets.


Advanced technologies and solutions helped us to create a company, which is recognized and gain trust of customers around the world.


The precision, high quality and attention to the details is symbolized our brand and values.


Long term market experience, well-qualified staff of engineers and constructors, wide base of sub-suppliers, make us competitive and let us meet the requirements of  the most demanding clients.


Tooling and Maintenance Business Unit mission and vision is the best characterized of our philosophy:





World class Tooling and Maintenance center for aircraft industry.




The organization delivering high quality and competitive products and services based on the mutual respect and reliability foundation.

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