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Legacy production and aftermarket sevices

Pratt & Whiney Rzeszów produces and repairs propulsion systems – engines and gearboxes - that power W-3A Sokół and Mi-2 Kania helicopters as well as An-28/M-28 Bryza airplanes. Our products are applied on aircrafts operated by several dozen users on all continents.

Our current offer includes 3 types of engines and 8 types of aviation gearboxes in different kinds and versions:

  • production, overhauls and servicing of the propulsion system of the W-3 Sokół helicopter and its versions – PZL-10W engines, WR-3 main gearbox, intermediate gearbox and rear gearbox;
  • overhauls and aftermarket servicing of the propulsion system for the Mi-2 helicopter – GTD-350 engines, WR2 main gearbox, intermediate gearbox for the Mi-2 helicopter, rear gearbox for Mi-2 helicopter;
  • overhauls/modifications and aftermarket servicing of the propulsion of the AN-28/M28 Bryza airplane – TWD-10B and TWD-10B/PZL-10S engines.
  • the production, overhauls and aftermarket servicing of the gearbox for the “Kania” helicopter – the PG-1 main gearbox with auxiliary gearboxes; intermediate gearbox, rear gearbox.
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