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One of the main fields of operations for the Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów is the production of gearboxes and elements of aviation gearboxes.
In this field the company specializes in:


  • high-efficiency, five-axis machining (HSM, HPM, turning, milling light alloys and steel)
  • drilling holes with large lenght/dia ratio
  • grinding, milling, shaping, hobbing gear teeth and splines
  • dimensional inspection (scanning profiles)
  • 3D Rapid Prototyping
  • holes honing
  • shot peening
  • plasma spraying
  • polishing sharp edges
  • NDT inspection (FPI, ECI)

All the production processes that have an effect on the condition of the material (special processes) have the NADCAP accreditation and the process itself is overseen using the ESA and NSIP controls.


Experience confirmed with accreditations guarantees the high quality of our parts.

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