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In order to realise these Individual Development Plans as part of LEARNIING VIA EDUCATION we offer our employees:

  • a globally unique Scholar Employee's Program, which enables any studies at any university that offers degrees of a bachelor, engineer, master or doctor. As part of the program up to 100% of registration fees, tuition fees and cost of needed textbooks are paid for. Each program participant also gets additional days off for his studies. Until now 1200 employees have participated (or are participating) in the program.
  • The Post-Graduate Studies' Financing Program, in which we cover 80% of studying costs.
  • Language Courses' Financing Program, the course of which gets adapted to the character of the employee's work.
  • a rich Internal and External Training Courses' Packet – the training courses concern both specialist know-how and the development of personal and managerial skills. The company runs a prestigious Internal Trainers' Development Program, thanks to which the company can constantly work on creating a capital of its own professional know-how, based on the experience of the best experts in the field of aviation technologies in the company. On average every employee each year participates in at least two internal and/or external training courses lead by renowned Polish and foreign training organisations.
  • conferences and technological, quality, production and other seminars.
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