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WSK Development Possibilities

WSK „PZL-Rzeszów" S.A. functions according to a rule stating that „it is the people that make a company”. That is why apart from care for its employees manifested via the creation of safe employment spots, we also focus on the personal and professional development of our employees. They get a chance to learn and expand their expertise area vie the use of different development forms, as part of three main learning methods:


  1. Learning from education
  2. Learning from relationship (via relations and contact with more experienced employees)
  3. Learning from experience at work or elsewhere.


Each of the development forms offered to an employee is chosen basing on an annual employee evaluation, made by every supervisor concerning the goals' realization range and the maturity, so-called UTC competence of every employee. It is also the first and most important step in the creation of a so-called Employee's Individual Development Plan, who can thus:


  • develop within his/her expertise area on his/her current or similar work stations (professional development path),
  • be nominated to one of the two very prestigious programs: the UTC Leadership Abilities' Development Program, preparing future leaders for working as managers of different levels or, alternatively, the program developing high-class aviation experts at the UTC.
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