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Might be interesting

Podkarpacie is a region with rich aviation tradition. In the year 2003 Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów (former WSK Rzeszów) came up with an idea of creating an association for aerospace industry producers called the “Aviation Valley”. At first with only 17 subjects, currently it associates over 90 of them. The main goal of the project is a consolidation of the industry and creation of a joint development strategy and co-operation with other, similar clusters in Europe and around the world. The association and the companies in it continue to develop, launch ambitious programs and attract home and foreign clients. The long-term development perspectives are of major importance here. The creation of the “Aviation Valley” and its development, current position, influence on the economic landscape of regions, multitudes of initiatives concerning i.e. education at any level, prove that the creation of the association was a clear “bullseye” hit.


Get more information: http://www.dolinalotnicza.pl/pl/

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